Apex Wild Seafood

We’re a distributor and exporter of fresh and live seafood, located in San Diego, California.

We buy straight from boats along the coast of sunny Southern California; from San Diego to Santa Barbara. We also import fresh fish from Baja California and bluefin tuna from Spain.

We love hearing about our customers’ reactions when they open up a box of live seafood from us for the first time. Restaurants that buy our product are actually getting a better product than straight from the ocean. When we get live seafood into our facility we cater to them as if they are in a 5-star hotel. We feed them fresh fish, keep them in local ocean water, and pamper them well. Hell, we even have a hospital tank for the lobsters that aren’t doing well to nurse them back to tip-top shape. They are literally in better health than when we receive them right off of the boats. It’s all about care over here.

As a seafood exporter and distributor that is a HACCP QMP facility, FDA inspected plant, and part of the Seafood Inspection Program (SIP) through NOAA overseen by the USDC you can rest assure that we pack our live and fresh seafood with experience, care, and lots of love. We can ship anywhere within the U.S., Asia, the European Union, and many other countries.